Our next exhibition:

Coast and Country: Five photographers share their personal perspectives of the natural world


Five Guildford-based photographers present their work at Treacle Gallery from October 15-November 6 2016.

The beauty of the landscape, the drama of the ocean and the fragility of wildflowers and butterflies are the subjects for ‘Coast and Country.’  

The photographers’ passion for the landscape and the natural world is evident in every image –  wide open landscapes seen in glorious light, dramatic seascapes with waves crashing in, impressionistic coastal scenes where abstract patterns and colours combine, exquisite wildflowers seen in the softest of light and delicate butterflies contrasting with vibrant plant life.

Fascinated by all shapes and forms of nature, Rita Daubeney captures both the most intricate detail of wild flowers to the widest, most dramatic landscapes.

Growing up on the Wirral peninsular awakened Phillip Edwards' love of that space where the land meets the sea.  He enjoys the challenge of trying to capture the ocean's constant restless motion. 

The beauty of butterflies and birds provides Willie Jamieson’s inspiration to capture and share their exquisite colour and form.

Dominic Lesteris perpetually drawn to water for his photography. The shapes and textures of a rocky shoreline, particularly with dramatic, moody clouds at sunrise, provide his motivation.

And the ever changing colours and shifting form of the sea provide the source for Lisa Mardell’s creative abstract and impressionistic seascapes. 

The exhibition is open weekends 11.00 - 5.00pm, week days 10.00 - 5.00pm.